Sunday, July 27, 2008

just for fun

When I had my day off last time,my friend Ada and I decided to look for a grooming place for her dogs.We went to this one place but didn't get what she wants.So,our next stop was Pet's Mart which fortunately offers the service(s) that she was looking for.Since Pet's Mart is just across the mall,we just decided to go there as well.So,to make the long story short,we realized that Goody's is having their clo sing clearance.We went inside and saw this Hannah Montana's wig which if i think about it right now is somehow ridiculous.Lol.Anyway,both of us decided to try it on and i think I was right.Lol.

Yea,you might think that we were out of our minds but we had a good time.That is when you can tell that you are really having fun instead of just claiming it.
Ha ve a good one guys!!!