Monday, March 31, 2008

fertility map

Being from a family of five with two siblings is such a blessing for me.I grew up with my older sister and had a younger sister at the age of 4.It's always nice to have somebody with you in the house.
Fast forward,now that I am hapily married for a lil over two years, we are thinking of having a baby now.It's not been a secret in here that my husband is deploying this year so the idea of having a baby will be so nice.
And now while I was searching about pregnancy,one of the articles that caught me most is about this Fertility Map.This shows an estimate date on when you ovulate.However,it's not guaranteed but i would say this will be worth a try.
So,to all of you who's in the same boat with me,you might give this a shot too.Have a nice day to y'all.

Saturday, March 29, 2008

yes or no??

Lately,i've been really thinking of going back to school.Not that i miss it but have just thought of doing something productive aside from working.In a month or two,my husband will be gone to another state for his military schooling and it wouldn't be just for weeks or a month,it'll be for 3 months.And before this year ends,he'll be deploying.Great,huh??
So,going to back to school would really be a good option for me.But,what would be my course?I want to work in a hospital here but i dont want to be a nurse,i dont have the meat for that.How about a receptionist in a hospital?I would love that.Oh,no..i really dont know what i want.I'm confused too and i bet this is how you (reader/s) feel too while reading this.All i really want is to be occupied while husband's not here to ease boredom,stress and make time fly.*sigh*
Anyway,i just need to make up my mind before enrollment ends for the next school year.I'll keep you posted guys!!

Friday, March 28, 2008

viral linking

Been tagged by gerthy .

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missing y'all

It has been said that High School life is the most memorable part in going to school.I personally had lots of fun memories during those years BUT being in college doubled the fun that i had then.It was not because i love the subjects nor the teachers but it was because of the group of people that i met in that phase of my life.It was just so awesome that all of us have pretty much the same likes and dislikes.Different personalities of course but one thing is for real,they were there to support each other in good and bad times.We can't help having misunderstanding and conflicts sometimes but at the end of the day,they were still my friends.Oh God,i miss them so much next to my family.Everytime,i think of visiting the Philippines,i would really want to see all of them,like the nine of them.Us being complete,reminiscing our funny experiences and what not,talking abour how's been life going on,how i miss them so much and a lot more..I wish it'll be soon.*sigh*

make a wish

This is so cool, I want to thank ruby for tagging me with this.

Here are the rules:
1. Think about what it is that you want more than anything, what your heart’s desire and fondest wish is, and what it is that you would wish for if you were to see the above wishing star flame across the night sky.
2. Right click and SAVE the blank graphic above.
3. Use a graphics program of your choice and place your wish on this picture.

I wish to have a blissful married life always and a baby soon.

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Thursday, March 27, 2008

learning a new hobby

Who would have thought that i can bake?I guess,

While i was browsing in this Fil-Am Forum , i came across to this topic about making Fondant Cakes ,i was amazed on how the author did her own design.And i thought,it was pretty interesting then i decided of trying it too.So,couple days after,i bought the things needed to make it.I was so eager to do it.It was kinda difficult for me at first but after getting used to it,i started really loving it.So,to make the story short,the picture above is my first project.I don't think its really that good BUT when I showed pictures to my husband's family, they all said it was wonderful.Guess,they just love me so much.*wink*

God bless the USA

I wasn't able to watch live the American Idol last Tuesday because i was still at work.But before i left the house,i made sure that it will be recorded.So,last night before going to bed,David and I decide to watch it.I was happy with their performances but what really caught my attention was Kristy Lee Cook's performance.I just love it's melody and it made me curious then as to who's the orinigal singer and how it was being sung.I kept on rewinding her performance to hear more of it.And after i had enough of it,i then searched it on YouTube for the original version and i'll tell you what,I LOVE IT more.It was sung by Lee Greenwood.I hope y'all will like it too.Have a nice day ahead guys..

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

got a tag

Got this tag from jonaver

The rules:► Link to the person that tagged you. Post the rules on your blog.► Share six unimportant things/habits/quirks about your self.► Tag 6 random people at the end of your post by linking to their blogs.► Let these random people know that they are tagged by leaving comments in their blog.► Let your tagger know when your entry is up.

Six unimportant things/habits/quirks about myself:
1.) I sleep a lot.
2.) I procrastinate things.
3.) I spend a lot,sometimes beyond my limit.
4.) I get so mad everytime i'm driving behind a school bus.
5.) I mess with my cat a lot.
6.) I'm an internet freak.

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Tuesday, March 25, 2008

my baby made it..

Being in the US Military for over 17 years now is already an achievement for my husband but to make it in the E7 list is an icing to the cake.It was just couple days ago when David,my husband came home earlier than he normally does.But this time it was different,he had teary eyes which i really thought was from him coughing since that's what i heard while he was opening the door.I ran straight from the kitchen to the living room to see him.He came closer to me and said "Let me hug you"..After that,all i heard was him crying like a baby who's toy was taken away from him.That's when he said that he just got a call about the good news.He was crying not because of something was taken away but because of something he got that he's been waiting for.Yea,he had almost given up but everything just paid off when he read his name in that list with a very good sequence number.Isn't that awesome??!To my husband,Congrats baby!you made it

Monday, March 24, 2008

figuring this out

it's been a while since the last time i did something in my blog and its pretty amazing how i commited i became to "put" something in here when i finally figured out how things work here.I'm not 100% positive if am doing the right things in here but slowly am catching up..Yahooooo!!!