Monday, June 30, 2008

Bling Gnome

Since I got here in the US two years ago,I became more interested in video games.It is pretty much my husband who influenced me.And now aside from blogging I am now really into video games.Last weekend,one of my friends who plays some of the games that me and my husband both play told me about this new character in Dungeon Runners games.I got excited about it as soon as she started describing it.So,i then started browsing and found what she was talking about.This new character is called the Bling Gnome.It is a very cute little dwarf which will be your helper while playing the game.How?It's task is to follow your character around and auto-magically it will pick up all the gold that dropped in the ground that was intended for you to pick up.Isn't that cool?
Aside from that,its abilility is not just limitted picking up the gold but also the dropped items as well that you can convert into gold too.To give you an idea on how this little creature looks like,here it is:
Now for all the players out there,I have some extra good news for you.You can win a $350 Best Buy Gift Card by joining the "Pimp Gnome Contest".How does this work?All you need to do is dress up your store bought gnome.Make him as cute as you can by dressing him up,take a picture of it and post it in wont be too long before the winner will be announced since that will be on July 30th already.So,what else are you waiting for?Grab those materials now who knows you'll be the lucky one to get the$350 Best Buy Gift Card!

Sponsored by Dungeon Runners

darn it

Just when the hottest month of the year(based on my experience here in KY) has just begun our AC/heating unit started acting up.Darn it!!Why now?Lol.It is really flippin hot in this house and its taking forever for the contractor(s) to come in here and check whats really going on.
Anywho,I received a call this morning from the electric company office that they are sending the paperworks today which we should be getting in 24-48 hours from now(crossing my finger) so that they can start installing a new unit.I just hope that is really it!No more IF's,no more BUt's,just come in here and get us squared away...PLEASE!!!!

Sunday, June 29, 2008

Auto Fix Repair

When I started driving a year ago,I became fully aware on accidents that may happen.I had heard different stories from some of my friends who experienced some.When things like these happen,we should be prepared on who to call for help in repairing our vehicles.One of the trusted names in collision repair area is auto body philadelphia.They are included on be a member of this grouup one must meet the following requirements :

-Written lifetime warranty
-Customer satisfaction follow-up system
-Minimum 95% customer satisfaction
-Approved Business Management System
-Dun & Bradstreet verified
-Minimum facility requirement--CIC Shop Class A
-Participate in Collision Repair Expert Annual Audit
-10 years business experience

Isn't that amazing?So,if you're in need of an auto body repair dont forget to visit auto body philadelphia.

...and she's back too...

When my husband David was gone to school,he brought my laptop with him.So,I was using the desktop the entire time he was there.And now my laptop is back.I'm trying to get the hang of it again.I even forgot that this has Windows Vista,my bad!
But guess what,I've proven that my husband has been really playing WOW religiously while he was there.I noticed that one of the stickers in my keyboard is starting to fade.It's alright though since this is supposed to be peeled off anyway so I'm still good.
Ok guys,time to do some opps again.

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Norberto Diaz

I was browsing the internet earlier and out of curiousity it made me wonder about the qualifications of a teacher that he or she must posses to be one.I came across to some of the well recognized names in the field of teaching but one that really struck me most is Norberto Diaz. I read about the dedication that he has to his students.His resume is really impressing too!Some of which is his expertise in teaching music,how he associate it with his way of teaching and how he uses them in teaching them.He has also been a school principal since 2002 and is presently handling Haworth Public School in Bergen County, New Jersey.
If you want to know more about him you can visit his site as and you will see too what I am talking about.

..and he's home....

Its been four days now since my husband David is home.Pretty much that would explain why I haven't updated nor put entry(ies) in my blog.Few days before he arrived,I was really busy cleaning the house and making sure to keep things in order as much as possible.There's nothing more relaxing to see a clean and well-arranged house the moment you step in the doorway.Anyways,I think I did a pretty descent job doing it since he acknowledged it when he saw it.
Anyway,now I'm back to blogging,trying to catch opps in my free time.I just hope I can start grabbing them again soon.
Have a good evening guys!!

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Portraits by the Sea

I have always wanted to have pictures of me and my husband in a nice looking beach taken by a professional photographer.With our planned vacation on September in Florida,I think this will be the perfect timing to do it.So,I browsed for one who can hopefully help us on this and found Portraits by the Sea.I've read their site and was amazed on the services they've got.I looked at the different samples too and yes this is all what we need to realize this plan.
Have a good one guys!

im back..

It's been few days since the last time i posted an entry to my blog.My laziness hit me again,whats new anyway?Lol.But infairness to me,I have been doing some thorough cleaning and rearranging in our house.I want things to look good when hubby will be home 11 days from now.Yea,you read it right again,11 more days and finally,finally i can see my baby again.God knows how much I miss him!!Days seem to take forever when he's not here but we are almost there so I should be fine.

Have a good evening y'all.

Saturday, June 7, 2008

If I were to hide

In one of my posts couple days ago,I mentioned about how we like watching the USA Network's new original series In Plain Sight.We both love the creativity of the story and of course the characters too.Anyway,watching this show made me wonder what if I am in one of the witnesses' shoe.Where would I want to go?Well,since we are living in a military community right now,I want to be in a place where you can ever hardly see men in uniform if not at all.I have nothing against them and so thankful for their service in this country but assuming that I will be in a Witness Protection Program,I want to have a totally different enviroment from where I came from.So,i have thought of Orlando,Florida.
Not because Disneyworld is there which I really love but with what this city has to offer,I think I will have the blast while living there and maybe even forget that I am in the Witness Protection Program.Yea,this is how I am so into this show that I have even thought of things like this.That's what good shows are anyway,making the viewers really feel what the characters are trying to portray.

Sponsored by USA Network's new original series In Plain Sight

too early to be awake

It us just 05:39 in the morning right now and I'm already here wide awake.Maybe because I had a long day at work yesterday and slept pretty early too.I even texted my husband about it and he thought the same way too.God knows I don't get up 'til 11 in the morning if I don't need to go to work.But on the bright side,since i have so much plans to realize this should be the perfect timing to do them.I just hope I won't be procrastinating again just like what I always do.
Have a nice day guys!!

Thursday, June 5, 2008

Cheaper Softwares

We all know how important it is to use licensed softwares.That is why my husband and I always make sure that we have the genuine ones.We always believe that it is better to be safe than sorry after.But getting them would sometimes cost you a lot of money that was why we started browsing for websites that would offer a reliable but has cheaper prices for the softwares that we need and those that might be needed in the future.So we did a lot of researching and found this Discounted Softwares.We were amazed on what we have read on their website.They offer 100% genuine, legal softwares at deeply discounted price.They are an affiliate of RegNow,and is where you are purchasing the softwares from.It is also them who provides quick and easy electronic transactions.Right now they are selling 5798 discounted softwares from 792 developers and partners.You can take advantage of this through their Coupons ,Promotion Codes - Free Download at Discounted Softwares, Coupons, Promo Offer - Free Download. PayLess4Sure.Com.You can view all of them by browsing through the categories on their website or my simply searching for the software that you are looking for.
So, we eventually tried one from them and we liked it when we were able to track our order status by checking directly from the payment processor website.That alone gives us the confidence and trust in ordering something from the internet.It was such a pleasant transaction with them.
If you have more inquiries about their products you can send them an email at or visit or even calling them at +62-21-57993110 with their mailing address at Wisma Pedurenan, Suite 132-140 Jakarta 12940, Indonesia.

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missing them

I just got home from a friend's small birthday party and when i turned the computer on,i saw that my two siblings were online.I was so happy to see it since its not everyday that we are all in th same zone.But yea,i had a good time viewing my nephews messing around with my family.So happy as well to see my older sister who's not home too for an enhancement training.
On the downside,this just makes me miss them more.Oh!God,i can't wait to see them again.I know it wouldn't be within a couple months but it'll get there.Just need to have more patience Jean Marie!!!

Bleach the Movie

I have always been interested with Japanese culture and if given the opportunity to learn another language i would choose theirs.I just find it really interesting. I even thought for a japanese name that would suit me and chose Daiki.I looked for the meaning of this and it said great+shining.I may not be the greatest nor most shining person but with family and friends around me,I somehow feels that way.
And speaking of Japanese ,have you heard about the mostly awaited showing of Bleach the Movie in theaters on June 11th and 12th?This movie is from the popular animated series and abest-selling manga series by Tite Kubo.Bleach the Movie,Memories of Nobody will be in North America on those dates above.If you want to purchase your tickets in adavance yo can do so by going to their website and entering your zip code in the "Find Theatres".See you there!

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starting to...

After driving for a lil over a year,I finally paid gas straight from my pocket.Yea,it took me a year!LoL.It was not because I wasn't working but it was my husband who always did it before.I can still remember when I just got here,it would just cost us &40.00 or less to fill in the tank.BUT when i did it couple days ago,men!!i paid almost $60.00.This is just ridiculous.And they've been predicting that it will go up to &7.00/gallon during Christmas???This can't be happening.I'm really starting to think about gas prices now.
Anyway,i know there's nothing i or we can do about this but just to vent.I know it's not just here in the States but even back home,prices are skyrocketing.But on the bright side,I've seen more people now walking in the street,trying to save gas perhaps.NOT me though!!!

Have a good one guys!

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

In Plain Sight

My husband and I both love suspense movies especially those that has something to do with crime investigation.The first time we heard about the USA Network's new original series In Plain Sight, we already knew this will be a good one.True enough when we watched the premier episode last June 1,it was really the show we were expecting for.
To give you an idea about this series its about this tough, sexy and smart U.S. Marshal portayed by Mary McCormack who works for a highly secretive Federal Witness Protection Program.It is her job to keep the Federal Witnesses safe,that alone already makes this show an interesting one,doesn't it?Along with her is Fred Weller who helps her with this uneasy job.
This is such an interesting show.To know more about this,you can watch this every Sunday 10/9C in USA Network.

Sponsored by USA Network's new original series In Plain Sight

17 more days

It's been 23 days since my husband left for school,that means we're half way there.Yea,17 more days to go and i'll be at the airport again to fetch my husband.I know it's still a lil over two weeks but I'm so excited now.This brings back those times when I was in the Philippines waiting for him.Oh!how I love that feeling.I know its not just me who's missing him,i know our babies Kya,Rocky and Tailie do too.That's why everytime we talk online I always show them on the webcam,I know he's missing them too.But life is so great and its getting there.When I sleep tonight,by the time I wake up tomorrow,it'll be another day closer to seeing him.
Have a good night guys!

Classic Style

When Natalie Portman won as the best dressed lady in 2007, i already had that very strong feeling that she is really going to grab that award.I really like how she dresses up with accessories that makes a good match with each other, and the self-confidence that she has which would really make her more beautiful and stunning.
Though I really want to be as pretty looking as she is,I mean would not want anyway but i still have my own fashion style.I would prefer more to wear a pair of pants and a shirt than the dressy type clothes.It just makes me more comfortable but still confident of myself.That's why i love shopping online at Dockers.I have already mentioned before how my huband and I both love their style and the affordability.They've got simple but stylishly designed line of clothings.
And speaking of Dockers,have you seen or even heard about the Dockers contest.This contest is about creating your own commercial about Dockers.At this stage of the contest,they have already chosen the finalists.You can participate by casting your votes on who do you think made the best video.This will help in determining which video will win and willl be aired on June 13,2008 at The Tonight Show on NBC.So,what else are you waiting for,go visit the Dockers contest and you'll see what I am talking about.See you there!

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