Saturday, July 26, 2008

Hannah Montana rocks!!!

It's almost 12 midnight here but I'm still wide awake watching Hannah Montana's Concert on tv.So,i just took this chance too to write an entry to my blog.Anyway,i don't know why but since my husband got back from school couple months ago we got hooked in Disney Channel now.It was him who influenced me and I don't blame him why he loves watching Disney's shows.There is something on them that would really want you not to miss it.And obviously,Hannah Montana is my favorite.I love her husky yet feminine voice.How i wish she'll have a concert in Nashville,TN.I will for sure be one of the first in line.."wishful thinking*

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JAZEVOX said...

my hubby like to watch Disney Channels too. maybe because they grow up with Disney and Mickey. i used to watch Chinese and Ninja shows when i was a kid