Friday, January 25, 2008

man of my life...

July 12,2005, i was just a newly hired sales and marketing staff in this hotel way back home,davao city philippines.In my work orientation, my boss showed me the whole place and of course the table and computer that i'll be using.I already found a friend in there, her name is DC.She is one of my sister's best friends.One day, i saw her on her computer answering this question "would you like to meet him?click yes if u do".I eventually asked her about it.She then patiently showed me the whole site and how to register and join in there.As a form of saying thanks to her, i did sign up for an account in the said dating website.July 19,when i received an email from this guy asking for some personal infos about me,as my curiousity i looked at his picture,he was a US army and told myself “OMG, he's just too white for me!” but still i replied to his e-mail and we've agreed to talk online there after.I can still remember the first question i ever asked him, if i can go with him to the states so that i can see snow?He laughed at me..and that is where everything started. A month after, we both realized that we were already falling inlove with each other, so quick as many have said but yea it was that day, we started planning for our wedding on his first visit.December 7,2005 came,the day when my man is scheduled to arrive in davao city.i was still in our house preparing when i got a text message from him that his flight was 30 mins. delayed since it was a connecting flight.I then went to the airport with my mom,i was so nervous during that day.Time flew so fast and i can now see his plane taking off.I said to myself, this is it!I can now see passengers coming out from the arrival area and there i saw my man waving his hand on me.The man that i called so white in the picture.I was astonished when i saw him,he is just so handsome.There i realized that pictures and webcam does things on their own thing.We hugged as tight as we could and kissed each other not thinking about the people around us.When we were already in the taxi, i kept pinching my arms to make sure that i am not only dreaming and yes everything was real.The man whom i've exchanged with iLuvU's and iMisU's on the phone and internet is finally here.
December 19,2005,the day we two have been waiting for,our wedding day.
We had our garden wedding at Monteritz Clubhouse attended by my family,friends and workmates.

Everything went well as planned.This was a day full of memories worth to be remembered forever.But if there's happiness there would always be sadness,that's what make the world fair.

January 2,2006 came, my man will be going back now to Korea where he was stationed during that time.My family was with me.tears were constantly falling in my eyes.He kept on reminding me that i just need to think that he'll just be away for a vacation and so that he start processing my visa soon.With tears in our eyes we both said goodbye to each other.God knows, saying goodbye is one of the most difficult things in this world and sure it was.Hours, days, and months seemed to move so slow.It was march,2006 when my man went back home and that was when the immigration lawyer that he hired submitted our paperworks for my visa.With the help of his commander and Mr.Joe Schartwz, a congressman from Michigan we were scheduled for an early CR-1 interview date.That was the longest 8 months in my life.Geessh...Sept.12,2006 me and my mom were at NAIA not to see my man leaving but to get him,yes my man came to be with me on my interview at the US embassy.And so, Sept.13,2006 when i had my interview.With God's help we were assigned to a very nice consul who allowed us to pick up my visa a day after and sure we did.It was in the 15th when we flew back to davao to spend more quality time with my family since we'll already be leaving on september 24.Time flew so fast.Two days before we left i had this going away (despidida) party.It was not my idea but my man's.He wanted this because he knew that i'll be away from my family and friends for quite some time.And he was right on this. sept.24,2006,the day we needed to leave.My family and i cried a lot.It was not that easy,God knows!But my man told me that we've waited for this and this should be enough reason for us to rejoice and i knew he was right.Tears falling in my eyes, we waved goodbye to my folks.But in my heart i still keep that hope that someday we'll be back there to be with them.And so,our 21-hour trip has started.It was a very long flight but its all worth it,sitting beside my man and experiencing new things.We needed to stay for a night at Los Angeles and then flew here to Kentucky.My man showed what's everything in my new home.It was so cold when we got here but with hugs and kisses from my man i felt so warm as he always does to me.I knew in my heart that this is the man who will be loving me for the rest of our lives and the man i will be forever with.This man is none other that david arthur priest jr.*wink*

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

getting started...

i've been a member of FilAm community forum for quite some time now.Lately this blogging thingy has been the talk of the town in Bisaya Section.It made me curious then that i started following the said thread and i personally think this will be worth a shot...Now here i am,just getting started.I know im going to enjoy this and hopefully meet new friends from different walks of life..