Sunday, July 27, 2008

just for fun

When I had my day off last time,my friend Ada and I decided to look for a grooming place for her dogs.We went to this one place but didn't get what she wants.So,our next stop was Pet's Mart which fortunately offers the service(s) that she was looking for.Since Pet's Mart is just across the mall,we just decided to go there as well.So,to make the long story short,we realized that Goody's is having their clo sing clearance.We went inside and saw this Hannah Montana's wig which if i think about it right now is somehow ridiculous.Lol.Anyway,both of us decided to try it on and i think I was right.Lol.

Yea,you might think that we were out of our minds but we had a good time.That is when you can tell that you are really having fun instead of just claiming it.
Ha ve a good one guys!!!

Joseph Baniak

Being a wife of somebody who is in the Army makes me eager to learn more about the Military.By reading some articles about it,i already came across to different places and names of people who are in the same field.And one of them is Joseph Baniak. He has devoted fourteen years of his life was as an Officer in the US Air FOrce.As I continued to read the articles about him,I found out that he is also a recognized public speaker while being on active duty.There are some more facts that can be found if you just continue to research about him which is what I am doing right now.And i know you too as well will be interested as soon as you start reading them.

Saturday, July 26, 2008

Hannah Montana rocks!!!

It's almost 12 midnight here but I'm still wide awake watching Hannah Montana's Concert on tv.So,i just took this chance too to write an entry to my blog.Anyway,i don't know why but since my husband got back from school couple months ago we got hooked in Disney Channel now.It was him who influenced me and I don't blame him why he loves watching Disney's shows.There is something on them that would really want you not to miss it.And obviously,Hannah Montana is my favorite.I love her husky yet feminine voice.How i wish she'll have a concert in Nashville,TN.I will for sure be one of the first in line.."wishful thinking*

Friday, July 25, 2008

Carpal Tunnel Relief

When a co-worker of ours told us that she feels like one of her hands is getting more weak as days passed by we thought that it was just because she was doing a lot of typing lately.But yesterday,she said that it was getting worst and her hands were numb already.That's when she went to the hospital to see a doctor.It was just this morning when she told us that the doctors think that she is having Carpal Tunnel Syndrome.I even asked her to repeat what she said since it was the first time I ever heard about it.Her and some of our co-workers somehow explained it to me.They did a good job explaining it to me like some of the symptoms and possible cure for this but still it made me really curious about it.So,right after I got home from work,I started researching online about it.And while I was reading some facts about this syndrome,I came across with carpal tunnel relief by IMAK and browsed on some their products.


I think it will be a very good idea if I can get one for my co-worker.She will be having her birthday next month anyway so I think this will be a very good present for her.I have decided to get her the IMAK® SmartGlove®.She can wear this while doing some clerical jobs since it is designed to increase circulation and comfort and is reversible to fit left and right hand.I know she will be happy once she'll receive it.We all just want her to feel better and I know this IMAK® SmartGlove® will be a great help.

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she's home

I just got a text message from my sister that she's finally home.She got there (Davao City,PI) maybe five or six hours ago.I can't imagine how happy she is right now so is my family.I know they've all been wanting her to be home especially that the twins are growing.What else can I say?I'm just so thankful and happy that she had a safe and they are all reunited again.
Have a good day guys!!

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Wargames 25th Anniversary

It has been over twenty years since the " Sixteen Candles" came out but until now my husband and I would still watch it everytime we get the chance to.It's so amazing how we both feel the same towards the 1980's movies.For us,movies made during those years have these different stories that will really make you want to watch them over and over agian.Anyway,aside from the "Sixteen Candles",we also love the "Wargames".This is one of those movies too that is worth to be watched.


And oh,speaking the WarGames, I am so glad to know that it will be back in selected theathers on July 24 at 07:30 PM.Yeah, you read it right,we will all have the chance to watch it again on the big screen,isn't that exciting?This is in celebration of it's 25th Anniversary since it was shown.Oh,I just cant wait!
Anyway,for those who want to purchase their tickets too,you can do so by visting the WarGames.Hope to see you there!!

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my sissy...

I am so happy when I read an email from my older sister telling me that she will finally be going home on the 25thoif this month.She has been in Manila for a lil over five months now i guess.The company that she worked with needed her and this other gal for an enhancement training there.I really felt sorry for her at first knowing that she wont be seeing het twins for that period of time.I know it felt like eternity for her being there but at least it'll be over soon.I am just so happy for her and as well as for my nephews a greal deal.How about me?When will I be home again?*wink*

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Walk for a Cause

When we found out that a very good friend of our family was diagnosed with Alzheimer disease we didn't know how to react.The knowledge that we have about this kind of disease is not that broad.We don't have any clue on what really causes it,if there's any known cure to this and how to avoid it.All we know is her memory loss becomes apparent.
In hopes to help her and the family,I started researching about it.I was able to find articles that somehow helped us understand this disease.These helped me realize what are the real causes,it's history,the prevention and the management as well and I personally think that it's not that easy at all.So,while I continue to search for more answers and facts about Alzheimer Disease,I came across with Alzheimer's Memory Walk.

I was amazed on this event's objectives.They are having a 2-3 mile walk on a weekend morning starting this fall in more than 600 communities..It's aim is to raise awareness and funds that would help for Alzheimer care, support and research.I also found out that they are looking for volunteers to be one of the team captains in which you dont have to run but your job will be motivating the walkers in oreder to raise more funds for a very good cause.
I already had decided to join this and if you feel the same way,you too can join us.You can start by visiting this Alzheimer's Memory Walk. Together,let's all walk for a cause.
Hope to see you there!!

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We're blessed!!

My husband's deployment few months from now has been an open book here in my blog.Oppps!!!I need to correct that now first and foremost.It wont be deployment anymore but "supposed to be" deployment.Yea,he wont be going to Afghanistan anymore.He was given the choice either to deploy or stay here and be the Rear Detachment First Sergeant.When he asked me about it,i didn't need more time to think about it any longer.We both think that deploying overseas will be a great help financially but if you are going to think about the time that you'll be away from your family and how stressful it is,it ain't worth it.NOT AT ALL!!!And besides not all money are good money according to him.
Yea,i just want to share this good news to you guys.I am still overwhelmed until now thinking about all these wonderful blessings that we have been receiving from Him.!!
Have a good one guys!!

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

are you financially fit?

I'm trying to hide
But still you always find me
Oh!please let me sleep


Are you trying to raise your score in the Bills IQ quiz?How about experiencing Debt relief through Debt help or maybe Debt consolidation.
Having debts is probably one if the most common things that people from different walks of life have in common.There are some who might find it too hard to stay away from it especially those who depend everything on their paycheck.Just to think how much we owe these people and companies can really affect our everyday living.There maybe times when you can't sleep everytime you think about all of these.And that's when you thought that this will probably your burden for the rest of your life.But when you really think about it,there are still simple things that you can do that can help you not just temporarily but in the long run.One of them is taking the BillsIQ quiz .When I took mine this morning,I found a lot of helpful tips and insights that helped me realize what my personal financial management style is.Through this test,I had learned that it is very wise to save at least ten percent of your after tax income and pay more more of credit card bill everytime you get a bonus instead of spending for a vacation plan.Yes,these might be just some of those things that you don't pay attention to.The key point is make a budget,make it work for you and stick to it.

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first pic

One of the Christmas presents I got from my hubby last year was a pink Nikon S51 camera.Therefore,its been with me for more than half a year now but I had never thought of using it's self-timer feature.So,last weekend I decided to use it and was able to take a pic of us without neither one of us holding the camera,lol.I had fun doing it and I am posting the very first pic that we were able to take.

Have a nice day guys!!!

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

SaferCalls is the answer

Few months after I got my phone,i started receiving calls from telemarketers and people that I dont even know.My husband already warned me about this before.Being a new immigrant here in the US and answering calls from these people was funny for me at first.This was one of the new things I experience here.Time had passed quickly and later I realized that these unwanted calls are not funny at all anymore.Indeed they are now annoying and irritating.One of the worst experiences I got from them is when they will call you in the middle of the night.Yea,some of them probably don't realize how late it is already,to our expense of course.Anyway,after all of these,I had thought of changing my number.But with all the contact numbers stored in my phonebook,i think the idea of letting the people I have contact with about having a new phone number is not the most exciting thing to do.So,I started researching online on some possible ways to minimize if not stop this.While I was browsing,i found Safercalls Website and read about it.And I think I already found the solution to my problem. It is a regular phone number that redirects to your real phone number without the caller knowing.Amazing,huh! Aside from that it can also block private / unwanted callers, mask the caller's callerid and even forward calls internationally.Oh,I can't wait to finally have this service.How about you?Are you tired of those calls too?Block them now by visiting Safercalls Website.

Press Release:
Major Telephone Companies Blown Out of Water by Innovative New Player

July 15, 2008 – SaferCalls launches new service to get rid of any unwanted callers. With full control of who calls and when they call, you never have to receive harassing calls again.

Bad dates, stalkers, and telemarketers can be turned into blocked numbers in seconds by simply adding them to the block call list. They will never get through to you. SaferCalls protects you from the worst possible threat with the control you need, when you need it. Tired of bad dates, unwanted callers, and telemarketers? We're offering a special for $9.99/month when you signup with coupon code: 760508 at (Offer Valid til Aug 1).

its us again...

Though it was Monday yesterday,I was still able to ask for a day off.It's kinda odd to start the week with it but I was perfectly fine and had enjoyed every bit of it.My friends came over and as usual we ate together.You might notice that everytime we see each other,we always spend time to eat together.I dont know why but it is such a wonderful way to spend time.So,last night it was my turn to cook.I just made Filipino style beef steak,some cucumber with vinegar(yummy!!!) and my beloved husband bake a cake for us.Food was pretty good IMHO.And after that we just stayed at our living room and watch Filipino shows.
It is really nice to have friends in the house.For me,this is a very great help to cope up with homesickness.And oh,I have some pics for y'all too.

Have a good one guys!

great deals for you

Since I got a job last year,I started shopping and buying things online instead of going to the mall.I just find it more convenient especially if you've got alot things to be taken care of.Since my friends know that I do this often they recommended to me.I didn't quite get it at first but when I browsed the site,I was really impressed with the deals, coupons, cash back, and cool affiliate programs they've got.Now,I know what my friends were talking about.I found the best deal for the software I was looking for and was definitely happy about it.
So,if you are looking for great deals too don't forget to visit

Saturday, July 12, 2008

excuse me

I'm not sure if it's proper for me to post this entry here but hey this is my blog so I decided to post this anyway.
Well,here it is.I worked this morning and within the couple hours of being there,I already felt like I needed to go potty soon.So,to make the story short,during my 15-minute break,I took off,drove home as quick as I can.I dont know why but I am not really comfortable using others bathroom.I have been working there for more than a year now but still I haven't used the bathroom yet.I know it's all cleaned and well maintained.Maybe it's just getting the hang of it.Well,I'm trying though.Guess,it doesn't just happen overnight.
Have a good one guys!!!

Friday, July 11, 2008

Zenni Optical on Fox News!

In my previous posts,I have mentioned a few times how much I like the new pair of eyeglasses I got from I purchased it,I already know that I wouldn't get any wrong.Now,I felt more proud about it when I saw that it was on Fox News.Yea, you heard it right,they were featured in there.If you weren't able to see it,you can watch it here at Zenni on Fox.
And again,for your prescription glasses needs,don't forget to visit


A friend of ours who live on post (Fort Campbell) has this thing every Friday together with her neighbors.They get together every Friday night and depending on what they had agreed will be the food.Ada and I dont really belong in their neighborhood but still we go thereand joing with them.Lol.Tonight they had Italian dishes and men!the lasagna was so good,one of the best that I have tasted.I even brought some for my husband and he did for sure like it too.He was even looking for more,too bad!Lol..
As usual,we didnt forget to take some picture so,I'll post a couple of them here.

So,yea we had fun again and now I'm beat tired so gotta lay down now.Y'all have a good one guys!

Thursday, July 10, 2008

take those oldies off

Guys,I know some of you can't live without your eyeglasses on but some of you too really needs to replace them so bad.I know you might be thinking that I can easily say this because it will not be me spending the money.But I am here to deliver the good news.You can now take those old eyeglasses you've got and replace it with a more stylish design that would for sure fit your face and personalilty.Ok,here it is.I am talking about all need to visit their site and be amazed on the huge selection of frames that they have for an unbeatable prices and shipping fee.I already ordered one of my friend and was delighted to see it and I know you all will be too.

should i worry or not

Few days ago,I had mentioned about sending my I-751 packet to USCIS Vermont Service Center which I really did last Monday.I sent it thru priority mail via USPS and paid an extra amount so that i can have the tracking number and what not just in case.Well,yesterday when my husband and I were both in the vehicle,I asked him if he had seen the receipt I put in there.As quick and hurry,he answered,"I threw it away I thought it was trash".Yea,he threw away the tracking number that i got from USPS.Now,I don't know how to trace it though my husband suggested of calling them today.I just hope that they can tell me whats up with my mail now (crossed fingers) and hopefully I'll be at ease while waiting for a receipt from USCIS.

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Zenni Optical is the answer

Have you been wanting to change your eyeglasses long time ago but your budget is not allowing you?Well,are you ready for the good news that I have for you?

Here it is, is the answer to your prayers.They've got variety of designs that you can look from which all comes in a very stylish design.Aside from that,they are a whole lot cheaper that the others.Why?Because they sell only their own manufactured frames direct to the customer that memans no middlemen and advertising budget to be paid by customers.And lastly with the shipping and handling chanrge at $4.95,what else can you ask for.So,don't forget to visit for you prescription eyeglasses needs.

off to work...

Urrrgggghhh....I hate this!!getting up early to go to work.Sad but true but I'll be working morning shift for the next three days.BUT on the bright side,I will be home earlier than my normal schedule which means MORE time to be with hubby before they (soldiers)go Louisianna again for some training.Ok guys,time for me to take off (lol)and y'all have a nice day.

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

looking for stylish frames?

I have been looking for a nice birthday present for a good friend of mine who will be celebrating her birthday couple weeks from now.I want to give her something not just for the sake of giving but something that she can use.

So,I thought of giving her a new pair of eyeglasses since she is using one everyday and I found a very good deal at from the huge selection they have you also can't beat the low prices of their products.
Now,I am just waiting for the one I ordered online and I am pretty sure my friend will love it too.

another plan..

I don't know why but lately I have thought of cleaning the sunroom and using it again fully.When I say fully,i mean use it not just for the the dogs but instead put some furnitures again and consider it as a real part of our house again.David thinks that it'll make no sense at all if I will start cleaning it again cause it gets dusty there more than we can imagine.But for me,all it needs it proper cleaning and maintenance.
I really hope I will have the time and all the energy that it'll take (I'm pretty sure David will help me though) just to regain it's "supposed to be" use again.

Sunday, July 6, 2008

cleaner's confession


Dear Diary,
It's been almost two years since I got here in the States.Within these years,life has been so good to me.I have a very loving husband,a work which does not stress me that much and three adorable pets.It will probably take me the whole night to list all the wonderful things that happened and are happening in my life.But I've got this one serious problem and luckily I was able find solution about it.This is the agony that I needed to experience everytime I am cleaning our house or even my car.Everyone knows how much I hated our vacuum.I hated it with a passion.For me,using it seems to ne never ending.With its very loud noise that would freak all of our pets out and its cord that would always get tangled up with the furniture.How I wish cleaning will be more simple than this.I did try the old fashion way by sweeping and mopping but I guess this is more time and enery consuming.My husband is well aware about it so he has been trying to help me looking for the best solution to my problem.As we were browsing the internet for some best cleaning products,we found these cordless vacuums from Dirt Devil to earn Energy Star .Alas!this will be a very good solution to my problem.So,my husband got one for me and ever since that I have never been more happy cleaning not just our house but my car as well.These vacuums make it a lot faster and more energy efficient.Thanks to Dirt Devil.

It's me,
The happy wife

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I-751 Submission

For those who are not familiar with the I-751,it is a form for Immigrants like me whose Permanent Resident Card or better known as Greencard is about to expire.When i had it two years ago,I got the temporary one which is good for two years since David and I were less than a year married by then.I am supposed to submit the packet last June 24,the 90-day before it expires but I got caught up with my work and the holidays.And so,I promised to myself to mail it tomorrow and get this done.I just hope that we'll have a smooth sailing process just like when my husband was trying to get me here in the States.

get paid to take surveys

When I left the Philippines two years ago,I was working a full time job which means I was earning my own money.But when I came here in the US,my husband didn't want me to work not until I got my driver's license which I understand the most part.I felt bored in the first couple of months doing almost nothing in our house.Anyway,in one of the Filipino-American forums that I visit regularly,members were talking about how they are getting paid easily by completing registrations and taking surveys.At first I was a bit hesitant since as far as I know,these websites are going to ask for some personal informations particularly your credit card number.But they told me that this website is different from the rest.So I Click here to begin and read the instructions carefully.To my surprise,they were right.So,i signed up for an account with them and after taking 10 simple tasks they paid me $20 dollars.I never thought that earning money will be as simple as this. There are some more reasons why I like this site such as you can join for free with no obligation at all,they will pay you via Paypal,new offers are added daily which means bigger chance of earning more and you also have multiple ways of earning cash in this site.
How about you?You too can do as well by visiting or you can Click here to begin.Have fun!

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trashy night

As I've mentioned in my previous post,my husband and I planned to watch the fireworks on post last 4th of July.So we went there and met my good friend Ada together with her in-laws and nephew.We were able to watch the fireworks and personally I was really amazed on how they did it.Anyway,everything went fine and good until we had ridden the Scorpion ride.God!I cant describe exactly how I was feeling after that ride,prolly the worst feeling I ever experienced after having a ride.When I got off the ride,David told me that my whole face was so white,go figures! and I almost threw up after.I don't know how these people do it.

(before the ride)

(yea,Im laughing but you just have no

So,after that we had no choice but to head home.Fort Campbell is just 15 minutes-ish away from house but on our way home,i felt like it was the longest 15 minutes in my life.Yea,that's how terrible I was feeling that night.*sigh*

Thursday, July 3, 2008

Luminox Watches

My husband will be celebrating his big day next month and I have been thinking of what I will be giving him.My family and some of my friends gave me good suggestions and i think one of them is what I will be getting him.I found a very nice watch at Luminox watches and think this will be the perfect gift for him.There is a lot of pretty good deal at this website and what I like most is the 15% Independence Day discount that I can avail upon check out.Oh!I can't wait to see the one I ordered.I am pretty sure my husband will love it as much as I do.

carnival day

It's been a tradition here in Fort Campbell,KY to have a carnival for a week during the 4th of July celebration.Last year was my first time to experience how Americans celebrate their Indepedence Day.It was a lot of fun going to the carnival and being a child in heart again.
This week,the carnival rides on post were up again.Since it was my day off last Tuesday,my friends and I went there.As usual we took few pics and had so much fun.

And tomorrow it will be my husband and I going there to watch the fireworks and prolly do some rides again.We'll see!!

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Criss Angel Believe

Since I was a kid,I have always been thrilled watching magic shows and how these magicians do their respective tricks.I had and still wondering how these people do it.Even if some of them had already shown in TV how to execute some of the tricks,I still believe that it will be a lot different if I can them in person.One of the magicians that I am really looking forward to watch live is Criss Angel.My friends and I have been talking a lot about his forthcoming show in Las Vegas,the CRISS ANGEL Believe.

We all know that there have a lot of amazing magicians already that we have seen on TV or read in the books such as Harry Houdini and his famous "escape acts".I have heard and read on how he escape the Chinese Water Torture cell to the milk can, the mirror and some more.For me those are pretty interesting but i still find Criss Angel's style more intruiging.That is one of the primary reasons why I would really love to see this show live.I want to experience how he would make the audience feel the meaning of being emotionally engaged by the arts of mysticism and illusion.
How about you?Are you in the same book as well?Let's all come and see CRISS ANGEL Believe.Tickets can be purchased on the fun!!

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Having friends who are from the same country where you came from is such a great help in dealing with homesickness.When i moved here in the Kentucky,i never thought that there's a large number of Filipino folks in here.Thank God,i got lucky to know good people in our area.
Anyway,last weekend,our friend's son celebrated his 2nd birthday and had a party in their house.A lot of food were served,catching up with each other and of course the ever famous karaoke singing were just few of the good stuff in there.We took couple pics and just thought of sharing them to you guys.

We indeed had fun,didn't we?Lol.
Have a good evening to y'all!

NEW! Dirt Devil® AccuCharge™

Our house is definitely not one of those huge houses but cleaning the three bedrooms and two full bath tubs is not the most exciting thing to do for me.Yea,i love to clean but there are times when i wish that house maids here would not cost me and my husband an arm and leg.How i also wish that i can have one of those robots in TV that can do household chores for you.Oh,this is already too much of a wishful thinking.Honestly though,with pets it the house which is making it worst I really hope that cleaning would be as enjoyable as I want it to be.
Earlier I was browsing for some good cleaning products and I saw this Energy Star from Dirt Devil.I watched couple videos in their and they have pretty clever cleaning materials.And what I like most about what i read is the less enerygy and time consumed when using one of their vaccums.Another thing is its cordless.I know you will agree with me when I tell you how it makes me mad when you can't pull the vacum cord cause it got stuck under the furniture or in the corner.
But now that I have seen this site,this is probably the answer to all my wishful thinking and maybe to you too.So,if you want to make life a lot easier,dont forget to check the Energy Star from Dirt Devil.

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early visitors

Yesterday I was off from work thinking that I will be able to sleep in as long as I wanted to but two fo my good friends came to our house.It was past 10 in the morning i think when Ada asked me if I wanto to go to the mall with them.And guess what my answer was "heck yea!",lol.

So they were here yesterday and the best part (lol) is they bought food with them from KFC,a bucket full of chicken and some mashed potatoes.
Anywho,my husband came home for lunch and joined us.And right after we ate,i then took a quick shower since the mall was already waiting for us.Lol.
We had a blast in there and later that day,we went to the carnival in Fort Campbell and met Vangie and her family there.It was such a very nice day to spend a day off from work.
Have a good day guys!