Thursday, August 14, 2008


This month is one of the most blessed months for us.Just to name a few reasons why,this month was started with the pinning of my husband for his E-7 rank.This is such a big accomplishment for him and we've been very thankful about it.Another thing is when my husband was given the choice between deploying to Afghanistan or staying here and be the Rear Detachment First Sergeant.Of course,we both decided that he will stay.Yea,those are primarily the major reasons why I am loving this month.Oh,and one more thing,we just finalized our trip too for our vacation in Florida on the first week of September.
Have a good one guys!!!

Blaze Media Pro

A good friend of mine will be celebrating her birthday this weekend.While I was thinking of what to give her,I remembered when she told me how she wanted to have a CD with a compilation of her favorite songs.So i browsed online and found CD burning from Blaze Media Pro.It is a powerful all-in-one multimedia application that offers conversion, ripping, editing, recording, burning, playback, and much more. This is exactly what I was looking for since I already have some of the songs but just need to convert them into a different format.
Thanks to Blaze Media Pro!!Now I dont need to worry and I am sure my friend will be happy about it.

where was I..??

I feel like it's been forever now since the last time I updated my blog.Yea,it's not just a week but more than that since my last entry.Some of you might or have wondered where was I.
Well,I was just really caught up with my work and my husband's as well.After he got promoted,things have somehow change in terms of his duties and responsibilities in the Army.And as a wife,I was and will contnue to be more than happy to be there everytime he needs me and what not.
Anywho,that pretty much explain and answer the question where was I the whole time I haven't done anything to my blog..I'll be catching up with y'all guys!!!

Sunday, July 27, 2008

just for fun

When I had my day off last time,my friend Ada and I decided to look for a grooming place for her dogs.We went to this one place but didn't get what she wants.So,our next stop was Pet's Mart which fortunately offers the service(s) that she was looking for.Since Pet's Mart is just across the mall,we just decided to go there as well.So,to make the long story short,we realized that Goody's is having their clo sing clearance.We went inside and saw this Hannah Montana's wig which if i think about it right now is somehow ridiculous.Lol.Anyway,both of us decided to try it on and i think I was right.Lol.

Yea,you might think that we were out of our minds but we had a good time.That is when you can tell that you are really having fun instead of just claiming it.
Ha ve a good one guys!!!

Joseph Baniak

Being a wife of somebody who is in the Army makes me eager to learn more about the Military.By reading some articles about it,i already came across to different places and names of people who are in the same field.And one of them is Joseph Baniak. He has devoted fourteen years of his life was as an Officer in the US Air FOrce.As I continued to read the articles about him,I found out that he is also a recognized public speaker while being on active duty.There are some more facts that can be found if you just continue to research about him which is what I am doing right now.And i know you too as well will be interested as soon as you start reading them.

Saturday, July 26, 2008

Hannah Montana rocks!!!

It's almost 12 midnight here but I'm still wide awake watching Hannah Montana's Concert on tv.So,i just took this chance too to write an entry to my blog.Anyway,i don't know why but since my husband got back from school couple months ago we got hooked in Disney Channel now.It was him who influenced me and I don't blame him why he loves watching Disney's shows.There is something on them that would really want you not to miss it.And obviously,Hannah Montana is my favorite.I love her husky yet feminine voice.How i wish she'll have a concert in Nashville,TN.I will for sure be one of the first in line.."wishful thinking*

Friday, July 25, 2008

Carpal Tunnel Relief

When a co-worker of ours told us that she feels like one of her hands is getting more weak as days passed by we thought that it was just because she was doing a lot of typing lately.But yesterday,she said that it was getting worst and her hands were numb already.That's when she went to the hospital to see a doctor.It was just this morning when she told us that the doctors think that she is having Carpal Tunnel Syndrome.I even asked her to repeat what she said since it was the first time I ever heard about it.Her and some of our co-workers somehow explained it to me.They did a good job explaining it to me like some of the symptoms and possible cure for this but still it made me really curious about it.So,right after I got home from work,I started researching online about it.And while I was reading some facts about this syndrome,I came across with carpal tunnel relief by IMAK and browsed on some their products.


I think it will be a very good idea if I can get one for my co-worker.She will be having her birthday next month anyway so I think this will be a very good present for her.I have decided to get her the IMAK® SmartGlove®.She can wear this while doing some clerical jobs since it is designed to increase circulation and comfort and is reversible to fit left and right hand.I know she will be happy once she'll receive it.We all just want her to feel better and I know this IMAK® SmartGlove® will be a great help.

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